How many of us practice Hygge?

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Search for Hygge on Google and you will find over 8 million hits. But what is hygge?  First of all it is a word that cannot be directly translated into English. The closest word often used is coziness, but it has also been described as the art of creating a nice atmosphere. It’s been called the pursuit of everyday happiness. It’s about being together with the people you love. It’s about relaxation. It’s about indulgence.  It’s about good food. It’s about gratitude.  It’s about equality.  All of those things mixed together is hygge.

To Danes, hygge is part of their culture and scandi design is often an expression of the feeling of hygge. Danes’ burn more candles than anyone in Europe and they eat a lot of candy per capita, all in pursuit of hygge. Indulgence is key in terms of hygge, and perhaps also something sinful. Hygge is taking a break from demands of healthy eating, so it is about cake, it is about candy, it is about hot chocolate, it is about alcohol. All of this hygge seems to work, as Danes are known for they’re happiness and Denmark consistently places first in the UN’s World Happiness Report. 

Danish scandi designed homes play a huge part in the practice of hygge. Here are some ways to hygge in your home to ensure your coziness level staying high.

  1. Lighting.  Switch off your bright harsh lights and replace with soft low lights. An excellent way to achieve this is with candles and lanterns. Not only is candlelight the most flattering light but it also creates a relaxing atmosphere it tells your mind to unwind and get comfortable.
  2. Blankets and cushions.  No scandi home would be complete without an excessive amount of soft, fluffy blankets and cushions, especially in the living room on the sofa.
  3. Coffee.  Sit back, relax and enjoy that nice warm coffee in your favourite mug.
  4. Snacks.  Those guilty pleasures, whether that be a bowl of chips with dips or candy. It is all about being sinful and taking a break from healthy eating without any of the guilt.

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