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Design is key

Whether for a wedding, graduation, confirmation or birthdays - finding the right gift can be hard.  When looking for inspiration why not turn to high-quality designs and products associated with Danish design icons such as Kay Bojesen, Arne Jacobsen or Rosendahl.

Kay Bojesen Monkey

Who's a cheeky Monkey?

The wooden monkey of Danish designer Kay Bojesen is classic Danish design and no household should be without.  No matter where you look you will find these cheeky chaps hanging from picture frames or lamps, sitting on desks or peering at us with their sneaky smile. Variations are created in Teak and Limba, Oak, Oak and Maple.  Owning one of Kay Bojesen's Monkey's represents a tribute to our inner kid.

The Monkey first captured the imagination of children and adults alike in 1951, but this was not Bojesen's first creation.  Kay Bojesen trained as a silversmith with Georg Jensen and designed wooden toys from the 1920s onwards. Since 1990, the entire collection of Bojesen wooden animals has been manufactured by the Rosendahl Design Group in collaboration with the Bojesen family.

Kay Bojesen didn't stop his playful creations with the Monkey and has been continuing to capture our imagination in his collection - dachshund, rabbit, hippo, bear, elephant and many more.

Time waits for no man

Arne Jacobsen City Hall Clock

Balance and precision in a simple case are the qualities that characterise the Arne Jacobsen City Hall Clock, a new edition of which was launched by Rosendahl in 2017 and developed for SAS Hotel Royal. Jacobsen originally created this elegant and stylish anodised aluminium clock for Rødovre Town Hall; with the new version  in Jacobsen’s Royal Blue.

The simple yet timeless style of the wall clocks and table clocks pay tribute to the designers skill in combining classic patterns and colours in a contemporary collection including – Bankers table, City Hall table, LK table and Station wall.

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