Making that perfect cup off coffee over and over again

Posted on March 31, 2018 by Scandi Interiors | 0 comments

In greater Copenhagen, Scandi Interiors has its own little home office. It’s a place where we can make as much mess we want to and work in a calm environment.

The upside of the home office is easy access to coffee, which we often need. To reduce the walking back and fourth, we brought a Grand Cru Coffee Press and all new Grand Cru Soft Thermo cups by Rosendahl to give that perfect kick of energy throughout the day; a moment all to ourself.

The Grand Cru Coffee press is perfect for the office, as it runs on human power, that means no cords and it has an integrated glass insert that is made from temperature resistant borosilicate glass for the perfect cup every time. The partnership with the Thermo cups, creates a pretty amazing cup of coffee all day. The perfect setup for the office.

Grand Cru Coffe Press

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