By Rosendahl

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These beautiful napkins bring a touch of the classic, creative Nanna Ditzel universe to your table. Complete your table-setting with these pretty Nanna Ditzel napkins. Nanna Ditzel’s universe is characterised by classic utility items with creative, artistic patterns which combine austere and playful styling – this is particularly apparent with these pretty napkins. The classic black and grey tones of the napkin interplay graphically with the napkin’s unique pattern. The Nanna Ditzel pattern harks back to 1950s wallpaper, and this reinterpretation of the classic pattern beautifully complements the well-set dinner table.

Also available in white/grey and red/white.


Series - Rosendahl

Designer - Nanna Ditzel

Quantity - 1 pack (20)

Colour - Black/grey 

Material - 3-layer dinnerware in FSC paper.

Width - 20 cm

Height - 20 cm

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